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The Wine Cellar on Main features the artwork of established and emerging local artists which are available for purchase. Featured artists will rotate on a six week basis. Please join us to view the best of our diverse artistic community. Like us on facebook for new artist information, pictures, artist reception dates, as well as specials, music line-ups, and upcoming events! For more information about hanging your art at The Wine Cellar on Main, please email info@thewinecellaronmain.com with your information and attach a photo that exemplifies your work.


Justin Adler Photography


When most people hear the word hurricane, it conjures up thoughts of destruction and empty bread shelves. For Justin Adler, it brings another chance to get that perfect shot. Born and bred by the shore, it was only a matter of time until he found the ocean. Once he did, it was something he would spend most of his life in. All those little moments compiled together throughout the years gave him the ability to swim in the massive waves the Atlantic produces in both hurricanes and blizzards.

Being a surfer for 25 years, he noticed the ocean could produce some of the most dynamic colors and shapes he had ever seen. The way it would reflect the mood of the earth through this dance of water and light never seized to amaze him. The very first time Justin Adler brought a camera into the water, he knew that was it, he found a new passion. He realized the ocean is art and that is where this adventure began. For the last 3 years he has spent all his time honing his camera skills which have taught him there is no time to set up that "perfect shot" when a 8 ft wave is coming right for you.