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The Wine Cellar on Main features the artwork of established and emerging local artists which are available for purchase. Featured artists will rotate on a six week basis. Please join us to view the best of our diverse artistic community. Like us on facebook for new artist information, pictures, artist reception dates, as well as specials, music line-ups, and upcoming events! For more information about hanging your art at The Wine Cellar on Main, please email info@thewinecellaronmain.com with your information and attach a photo that exemplifies your work.


Kristen Donato
Showing: April 16, 2019 - JUne 1, 2019
Instagram: @sunsetdesignstudio

Kristen Donato, born and raised on Long Island, now resides on the south shore in Massapequa. Graphic designer and fine artist, she discovered gyotaku several years ago and has been hooked ever since. She has taken classes and continuously works to perfect this ancient art form. Gyotaku is a 200+ year old Japanese art originally invented to record the size of a fishermans catch while still on fishing vessels. Prize fish were typically sold to market immediately and were seldom around to brag about their size. “gyo” means fish and “taku” means rubbing. Today the art has been perfected and is an artistic alternative to taxidermy The entire fish is rubbed dry, stabilized and carefully prepared for paint. Next, a piece of rice paper or fabric is gently laid in place on top of the fish. A gentle rubbing motion is applied to force the paper or fabric into contact with the fish’s scales paying particular attention to the fins and tail as well as around the face and mouth. The paper is gently peeled off revealing an exquisitely realistic image of the fish. The eye is hand painted and the traditional Asian Red Seal signature stamp is applied to the finished piece. This stamp is my last name, Donato, translated into Japanese. 

Sea Bass


Horseshoe Crab